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Decorative Fence Panels

Decoration is made of special PVC material and applied on stainless wire.
Due to its artificial structure, we can  defined it as a grass fence system that does not fade, burn, spill and deteriorate

High Security Panel Fence Fasteners
The clip is made of polyamide material on steel and is UV resistant.
Cover: Our covers are produced from Polyemid Material and are resistant to UV rays.
Steel Dowel: Our Steel Dowels are Electro Galvanized and Fastening Type

Decorative Fence Panels

Eye Range

5x15 cm 6x15 cm 163cm - 183cm  203cm - 250cm  
Wire Thicknesses

1,5 mm

Wire higher 80 cm 100 cm 120 cm 150 cm 200 cm
Roll Lenght 10 mt        
Covering  Grass Coating on Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire