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In 1972, KONAKOĞULLARI TEL ÖRGÜ, DEMİR ÇELİK İMALAT LTD. Sti. Production activities with 20.000 m² open area, 6.000 m² closed area, advanced production line, technological machinery and equipment, and qualified and technical personnel. It continues in the Organized Industrial Zone

Konakogulları Wire Mesh and Weaving Industry, which prioritizes quality and durability due to its production policy, produces on environmental security wire fence systems and panel fence systems 

Due to its growing export, it set up MNR company by separating its operations abroad.

MNR will carry out the export-related processes of High Security Fence, Welded Wire Mesh, Fence Panels, Double Fence Panels, Decorative Fence Panels, Galvanized Wire Mesh, PVC Coated Wire Mesh.

Konakoğulları Wire Mesh and Weaving Industry continues its production in aesthetic and environmentally compatible quality standards with its prestigious line and goal of being a leader in its sector by closely following the sectoral and technological developments. 

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In environmental fence security systems, while offering reliable living spaces, it is to consider the quality and aesthetics of the product as well as being economical.
To establish strong and sustainable partnerships with our customers, to constantly review product categories, to diversify the product range and to make the necessary investments.
Finding new markets and customers to increase our contribution to country exports and regional economy.


While meeting the expectations and needs of our customers in a national competitive environment, ensuring customer satisfaction and introducing the success we have achieved in our country to the world, being a respected company worldwide


In order to keep customer satisfaction at  the highest level, it is our company’s quality policy to manufacture our products in accordance with national and international standards, to comply with quality management requirements, to continuously improve our quality management system with employee satisfaction and participation.